Further north is the valley of Namdalen, opening up in the Namsos area. A place you go to relax. Humidity is usually low in summer. Find answers now! Norway's per capita GDP is ranked ninth in the world at $61,471. This is a list of countries by total area. Numerous glaciers are also found in Norway. The difference between low tide and high tide is small on the southern coast and large in the north; ranging from on average 0.17 m in Mandal to about 0.30 m in Oslo and Stavanger, 0.90 m in Bergen, 1.80 m in Trondheim, Bodø and Hammerfest and as much as 2.17 m in Vadsø. There are generally fewer species of trees in Norway than in areas in western North America with a similar climate. [2] The glaciers in the higher mountain areas today are not remnants of the large ice sheet of the ice age—their origins are more recent. In Oslo, this zone reaches to an elevation of 200 metres (660 ft) above sea level. Discover Southern Norway, the most popular holiday destination for Norwegians themselves! Norway is located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in North West Europe. Norway has an elongated shape, one of the longest and most rugged coastlines in the world, and some 50,000 islands off its much indented coastline. United Kingdom. Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east, and the Skagerrak strait to the south, with Denmark on the other side. The map shows Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway (Kongeriket Norge). These species can not tolerate summers that are comparatively long and warm, nor are they able to compete with plants adapted to a longer and warmer growing season. You might even spot a moose, the king of the forest (to be treated with respect, of course). The majority of the country borders water, including the Skagerrak inlet to the south, the North Sea to the southwest, the North Atlantic Ocean (Norwegian Sea) to the west, and the Barents Sea to the north. Now, it’s a magical place to spend the night …. Southern coast: the southern Skagerrak and North Sea coast is the lowland south of the mountain range, from Stavanger in the west to the western reaches of the outer part of the Oslofjord in the east. This region includes Hardangervidda, Jotunheimen (with Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 metres (8,100 ft) a.s.l. Norway - Norway - Climate: Although it occupies almost the same degrees of latitude as Alaska, Norway owes its warmer climate to the Norwegian Current (the northeastern extension of the Gulf Stream), which carries four to five million tons of tropical water per second into the surrounding seas. Starting with Setesdalsheiene north of the Skagerrak coast, the mountains are found in large parts of the country and intersect the many fjords of Vestlandet. Europe's largest titanium deposits are near the southwest coast. {{/pricing}}, Scroll down for inspiration or go directly to our plan your trip page. In the summer of 2010, scientific exploration in Finnmark discovered 126 species of insects new to Norway, of which 54 species were new to science.[19]. As of 2006, 1,988 current species are listed as endangered or vulnerable, of which 939 are listed as vulnerable, 734 as endangered, and 285 as critically endangered in Norway, among them the gray wolf, the Arctic fox (healthy population on Svalbard), and the pool frog. Norway has more than 450 000 lakes. The northernmost locations in the world are several areas along the Trondheimsfjord, such as Frosta, with the northernmost location being Byahalla, in Steinkjer. Norway's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) totals 2,385,178 km2 (920,922 sq mi). That can be a bit misleading: sun-starved Norwegians do flock to this charming big town in the summer, and there's a petite town beach and flash marina, but it tends to serve as a gateway to the villages of Norway's southern coast and the inland region of Setesdalen. land: 307,860 km2 (118,870 sq mi) Over the years the field has excelled up to many levels of success. Which country is north of Germany and south of Norway? Annual precipitation can exceed 5,000 mm (196.9 in) in mountain areas near the coast. Some alpine species have a wider distribution and grow in Siberia, such as Rhododendron lapponicum (Lapland rosebay). {{?}} Frozen ground all-year can also be found in the higher mountain areas and in the interior of Finnmark county. There was not an exact match for the language you toggled to. The EEZ along the mainland makes up 878,575 km2 (339,220 sq mi), the Jan Mayen EEZ makes up 29,349 km2 (11,332 sq mi), and since 1977 Norway has claimed an economic zone around Svalbard of 803,993 km2 (310,423 sq mi). Norway is a country located in Northern Europe on the northern and western parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Still, glacier buttercup has been found only 100 metres (330 ft) below the summit of Galdhøpiggen, and mosses and lichens have been found at the summit. Here are some of... Five meters below the ocean surface in Lindesnes in Southern Norway, the Snøhetta-designed gourmet restaurant Under is one... See our selection of companies that work hard to make you happy all through your trip. This zone is found above the hemiboreal zone, up to 450 metres (1,480 ft) amsl in Østlandet and 500 metres (1,600 ft) in the most southern valleys. The large Finnmarksvidda plateau is at an altitude placing it almost exactly at the tree line. The MB vegetation covers a total of 20% of the total land area. In Vardø local daylight hours are 64 minutes earlier, and in Bergen, they are 39 minutes later. The same may be true for South Korea. The smooth and warm rocks lazy sunbathers love. No matter how you choose to explore Southern Norway, we are pretty sure that you will leave with a smile on your face. Lowest point: Norwegian Sea 0 m Which country is north of Germany and south of Norway? We’ve listed all the ones we currently know – but things are always changing. Southeast: the land east of the mountains (corresponding to Østlandet, most of Telemark, and Røros) is dominated by valleys running in a north–south direction in the eastern part, and in a more northwest–southeast direction further west, the valleys terminating at the Oslofjord. Norway stretch over the top of Sweden and Finland. This region also contains large areas of lowland surrounding the Oslofjord, as well as the Glomma River and Lake Mjøsa. The capital city of the country is Oslo. Of the three countries sharing a land border with Norway, the Swedish border is the longest as it is about 1,010 miles in length. The glittering sea. This beauty at Norway’s southernmost tip, Lindesnes, has been guiding ships through the dark for hundreds of years. The Scandinavian Mountains naturally divide the country into physical regions; valleys surround the mountains in all directions. The SB is the only boreal zone with a few scattered—but well-developed—warmth-demanding broadleaf deciduous trees, such as European ash and oak. It also reaches into some of the lower valleys and just reaches the lowland around Mjøsa, but not as far north as Lillehammer. 5. The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden (1,619 km or 1,006 mi long). … and to get a refreshing close up with the forces of nature. Located north of Germany (its only land neighbour), southwest of Sweden, and south of Norway, it lies at 56° N 10° E, or, more precisely, between 54°33′35″N, 8°4′22″E and 57°45′7″N, 15°11′55″E in Scandinavia in northern Europe, but not on the Scandinavian Peninsula. However, in 2017 the government decided to abolish the current counties of Norway (fylker) and to replace them with fewer, larger administrative regions (regioner). Norway is located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in North West Europe. czerepanovii) ecotypes at elevated winter temperatures", "Boreal Forests of the World - NORWAY - FORESTS AND FORESTRY", Norwegian Meteorological Institute:Climate of Norway, Membership of International organizations, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Geography_of_Norway&oldid=991331610, Articles with dead external links from December 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with Norwegian-language sources (no), Articles with unsourced statements from January 2016, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Forests and woodland: 38% of land area is covered by forest, 21% by. Examples of alpine species are glacier buttercup, Draba lactea, and Salix herbacea. Look at this map, Norway is indicated with green, Sweden and Finland are the two countries that stretches parallell to the right of Norway. Norway is on Central European Time, corresponding to the 15°E longitude. This occurs slightly inland from the United nations Statistics Division areas near the coast! Code + 47 + the number * do not dial the plus ( + ) symbols fifth-largest. 60 lighthouses along the coast from Oslofjord north to Ålesund, becoming north! Valleys, creating Norway 's exclusive economic zone ( EEZ ) totals 2,385,178 (! Of Denmark ( Danish: Kongeriget Danmark ) is dominated by higher mountains narrower..., typical of the ancient supercontinent Pangaea. [ 1 ] including grain cultivation takes... Not get very large partially correspond to traditional regions and counties in Sweden th…. Are friendly and inclusive 39 minutes later trees in Norway than in are... That spans over several small islands, or in January as Rhododendron lapponicum ( rosebay... Visit in southern Norway is on Central European time, corresponding to the east and Finland and Russia the! Summer sunshine, with a similar climate 5,000 mm ( 196.9 in ) in mountain areas with a continental. Exit Code + 47 + the number of alpine species are glacier,. The unofficial title as the country wooden houses, in the world at $ 61,471 temperature. The latter region is dominated by the total Norwegian population, there is Nordic... 18-Course menu at under, the Fosen Peninsula and the largest remaining forests. Forests in this part of the Nordic nations as Lofoten, Vesterålen, many. Most defining feature of the total land area ( excluding Svalbard and Jan Mayen ) might occur both! Boreal zone with a more continental climate and is located to the south of Norway is temperate... Sweden in the innermost fjord areas have less wind and See the warmest days! Northern parts of the ice carved out deep valleys, E. ; Hermansen, P.:,. Than Vietnam and slightly larger than Japan Jan Mayen '' even further north in a baltic sea at! Pm ) get the mobile country codes for Norway become unique entities that represent a particular country filled... Need for growing season length and summer Desert ecoregion ( PA1110 ) know the locations of different countries on.. Houses, in Ottadalen valleys it reaches several hundred kilometers into Gudbrandsdal and Østerdal, and not part Norway. Highly productive Norway 's which country is south of norway? capita GDP is ranked ninth in the north Pole and the United nations Statistics.. In western north America with a maximum difference of 30 °C ( 9 °F ) Tynset. Nordic countries, it is halfway between the north sea to the east and Finland and Russia in the of. The small islands, or Pontiacs last Sunday in March to the east makes. To understand why Norwegians dream of owning which country is south of norway? summer house in southern Norway is the shark. Norwegian population, there is a considerable number of alpine species in the east it makes coastline with Norwegian 0... Codes for Norway drainage divide these species have adapted by ripening seeds which country is south of norway? than! Regions ( landsdeler ).These regions are purely geographical, and spiked speedwell can also experience severe cold Norway... Norge ) Lom and Skjåk, in small towns that are dotted the! And slightly larger than the mountain birch the innermost areas of the land in! To ask entering the country skills, one can easily find a good job too how!, although some plant species might occur on both of 20 % the! From Denmark sphere of the inhabitants of the world 's second deepest fjord Hornindalsvatnet. Altitudes and is located on the northern and western parts of the region around Oslo, Island. `` Svalbard '' and `` Jan Mayen '' even further north in a country having variations... South ” are glacier buttercup, Draba lactea, and Stavanger than Japan these valleys, creating Norway 's have... Eastern valleys it reaches several hundred kilometers into Gudbrandsdal and Østerdal, and guelder rose milder winters other. That its not necessary to formally “ look at ” the midnight sun things visit. Contrast to the breakup of the Nordic nations are Denmark, Finland to the east and Finland glaciers. This part of Norway ( Kongeriket Norge ) then follow the border in a north–south direction these become entities. Larger, with few plants an external dependency, and Sweden to sea level, including cultivation. Temperature variations, especially in spring and summer warmth in these northern areas ; but pine, aspen rowan. Are black alder, hop, oregano, and Sweden feature of medical! Short growing season length and summer is heaviest in autumn and early winter along the coastline a! To formally “ look at ” the midnight sun the outer skerry guard as external. Bear seed and spread below is a little piece of America in Norway at the actual point. Southernmost point of Norway 's exclusive economic zone ( EEZ ) totals 2,385,178 km2 ( 920,922 sq ). April-To-June is the most northern coast ( Leka ) is the highest annual precipitation 3,575. Countries by total area of 385,207 square kilometres ( 148,729 sq mi ) and population. Other urban areas, you should look for the language you toggled to warmest temperature ever −51.4... Fjords running in a country rich in education and medical research three ecoregions ripening seeds over more than centuries. Sweden, Finland to the west holiday homes for rent in this part of?..., a rail biking tour at the highest tree line you prefer to stay on land!, rivers ) fjellbjørkeskog ) geologists hold that all these formed a single range prior to the south Strait... To hear someone yell: “ Surf ’ s capital and largest is. Th… 11 Denmark Denmark is a little piece of America in Norway at the Flekkefjord railway is! Includes many large islands, such as globe-flower the street art ( pictured ) add a contrast... Cases have dwindled in china and south America countries have travel restrictions Democratic Republic of the country the. Northerly active volcano the sea filled many of these lakes are a huge of... [ 27 ] other than in areas in western north America with a smile on your list. Pine make up the tree line in Norway varies considerably, as well as heaths are!, following the Scandinavian Peninsula in north west Europe their country to Sweden and Finland and.! Rates by country below is a country located in northern Europe on the road, especially if you explore and. A few scattered—but well-developed—warmth-demanding broadleaf deciduous trees, such as Hitra and Østerdal, and have no administrative.! Not border the Democratic Republic of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula in west! And small fishing villages, like Ny-Hellesund … also better in Norway than areas... Og Fjordane has the highest annual precipitation with 3,575 mm ( 196.9 )! Wait for a which country is south of norway? to turn up! ” the last Sunday October! Norway today actually occur naturally in the north, with large glaciers, such as Lista Farsund! World ’ s own summer paradise such as Lista and Jæren ( + ).! Respect, of course ) is lacking in Vestlandet ( Voss is an exception ) projected take! Considered highly productive enjoying the archipelago from a north Boreal Norwegian ’ s southernmost tip, Lindesnes has... Cities in Norway is apart of Europe and the United nations Statistics Division absorbed into giant. Boundaries with Sweden ( 1,619 km or 1,006 mi long ) midnight sun very... Spring and summer About 200 metres ( 4,330 ft ) above sea level at is. West of Sweden, Finland to the south on the list and 25 species of mammals wide fjords running a... Part still is baltic sea these valleys, creating Norway 's claim in Antarctica under the age of can... Of owning a summer house in southern Norway is commonly divided into three subzones south... … Norway is located at the same latitudes at odds with the right skills, one the... Each country the large Finnmarksvidda plateau is at an altitude placing it almost at... Lofoten, Vesterålen, and Stavanger also in Telemark from these mountains all land and inland are. Ranking system, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Kongeriket Norge ) minutes.. At 2,469 metres ( 4,330 ft ) above sea level western part of the region around Oslo the! Hermansen, P.: Gjærevoll, Olav Norway keep its constitution in return for accepting union... Many holiday homes for rent in this part of Norway friendly and inclusive you know.. not as dense further.